If you’re considering holiday lodge ownership purely for investment purposes, there are several important factors you need to consider. The most popular and fundamental question is – how much will it cost me and how much will owning a holiday lodge generate? It is important that you spend time researching and understanding all elements of investment lodge ownership.

We have a range of investment lodges for sale here at Fingle Glen Lodges, starting from £175,000. Our Nordic Lodges are 2-bedroom luxury holiday lodges that overlook the stunning Devon countryside and the picturesque Fingle Glen Golf Course. Buying one of these lodges as an investment will typically generate around £30,000-£35,000 per annum, depending on occupancy levels and prices set according to our partnered holiday bookings provider. For some owners, buying a holiday lodge isn’t about generating a return, but rather investing in the opportunity to spend more time with their loved ones in their very own home-away-from-home. Alternatively, some business owners allow their staff to enjoy the use of their holiday lodge for mini breaks as a perk of working for the company. It truly depends on your personal expectations and circumstances.

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Why invest in lodge ownership at Fingle Glen Lodges?

There’s an authentic feel to the Nordic lodges at Fingle Glen, our guests love the traditional log cabin atmosphere during their stay. The location lends itself to keen golfers and those who frequently travel in and out of Exeter city centre.

With our luxurious and modern holiday lodges featuring built-in hot tubs, stunning views and convenient on-site facilities, we receive a large number of repeat holiday makers at our park. Your investment lodge is something that people will love to come back to time and time again with their family and friends.

It’s not often you find an investment property that borders a golf course, has excellent access to main travel routes and is situated in a highly desirable holiday destination. Fingle Glen Lodges has something for everyone.

How much income will an investment lodge at Fingle Glen generate?

Here at Fingle Glen Lodges, the Nordic lodge generates circa £35,000 per annum before associated costs and utilities. Once all costs including your annual site fee, management fee, associated cleaning and laundry fees have been paid, an investment lodge based on an overall income of £35,000 per annum will net circa £20,000 per annum profit. Although we have briefly covered this, it’s important to remember there are factors that can both positively and negatively affect income generated from an investment property, such as how often you use the lodge for personal getaways.

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Can you still use your lodge as a holiday home even if purchased as an investment proposal?

This is one of the perks of owning such a wonderful holiday home, you can use your own lodge as little or as often as you like. However, if you’re eager to earn a higher return on your investment, be mindful that if you plan on spending the summer holidays at your lodge, your return will of course reflect that it has not been let over this period. This is an important factor to consider when you’re planning when to use your lodge for your personal breaks. Often, investors make use of their holiday homes during the quieter periods or off-peak season. Our appointed bookings provider will of course be more than happy to help answer any queries relating to seasonal trends and set pricing accordingly.

What are the benefits of being a pet friendly property?

For investors looking to generate a strong return on their purchase, being a pet friendly accommodation provider plays a huge part in maximising your bookings throughout the year. Throughout the Covid pandemic,within the UK alone there were an additional 3 million households that became pet owners, which of course creates a huge demand for pet friendly staycations. Can you afford to not be desirable to that many households by not being pet friendly? We appreciate some investors don’t allow pets within their property portfolios, but our advice is to appeal to as many as possible in order to ensure high occupancy levels are maintained all year round.

Is an investment lodge in the UK a good idea?

International travel still causes concern for many UK citizens due to factors such as airport delays, uncertainty on potential travel restrictions, poor currency exchange rates and affordability. These reasons among others are ensuring the UK Staycation market remains strong, which lends itself to investors looking to own a property that they can rent out as a holiday let.

All lodges at Fingle Glen are sold as turn-key properties, meaning you can start generating an income from the day you complete your purchase. Some of our lodges are available to purchase with existing bookings already assigned to them. Once you become a lodge owner, the profit generated from rental bookings is yours to either enjoy or re-invest. Whether you already own investment property or this is a new prospect for you, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

For more information on becoming an investment lodge owner or to find out more about return-on-investment figures, get in touch today. Call us on 01647 279 393 or email info@fingleglenlodges.co.uk.